Custom Drawstring Project Bag *Blue Waxed Canvas*
Custom Drawstring Project Bag *Blue Waxed Canvas*

Custom Drawstring Project Bag *Blue Waxed Canvas*

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*This is for a customization of the Drawstring bag with a Grey waxed canvas base, please choose your print and print ink options*

Waxed canvas makes up the main body of this bag, which has such a lovely character as it makes craze marks with the folds and crinkles in the fabric. Waxed canvas is an incredibly durable material, and with a little care will look beautiful for a very VERY long time. It's completely water resistant (I dunked it in a river to make sure). This makes it a safe choice for carrying around your precious projects, the bag and all it's priceless cargo will not be damaged by accidents or weather.

The exterior has one pocket (8"x4.5") with a printed lining and a snap button closure. It's a perfect place to stash your phone and essential items.

The inside is made of sturdy 12oz canvas, and holds it's shape while your working. It has eight different pockets (8.5", 4x 2.25", 2x 1.5", 5.5") there is ample storage for notebooks, paper, pens, scissors and anything else your heart desires to carry along. The largest inner pocket (8.5") is large enough for folded patters, and has three eyelets for separating colour work.

The top is printed and has eight grommets where the bag folds in on itself for the drawstring closure. Two leather loops with D-rings on either side are where the strap attaches. The strap is (21.75") at it's longest, and is adjustable in length, can be folded on in self as a one sided handle, and can be attached to our bucket bag strap.
The handle is made with a heavy duty trigger buckle, so it's easy to attach to nearly everything. Hint: while hiking I've passed the handle through my jean belt loops to knit while carrying it as a hip bag.

The bag is approximately 8" wide, 5" deep, and 11.5" tall (inner bag height before drawstring is 8").

***Quick note regarding the waxed canvas, as seen in the photo it will develop craze marks where it's been crinkled and folded, as well as where it has been folded during packaging. These can be removed by using a hair dryer (not a heat gun) and a soft clean brush. It can be cleaned by wiping it down with a soft cloth.

All our prints are our own unique design, printed by hand in eco friendly water based ink.

Each item is unique, and hand printed/sewn in house, pattern and colour will vary slightly.

Fabric: Waxed Canvas, GOTS certified organic cotton, natural leather